What we do

Since 2002 Mediascale specializes in performance-oriented online display campaigns.

Performance orientation is our fundamental concern and objective in all our campaigns. We take care of planning, implementation and optimization of digital communication, whether the client pursues brand building or sales oriented goals.

With a purchasing volume of about € 400 million in online display we generate the best conditions for our clients and demonstrable results in all online channels (display, mobile, social…). For many customers, we use cross-channel tracking and customer journey systems, both for all online and on- and offline activities.

Since 2007 we have developed and are using our own targeting system N.E.R.O. for designing and implementing profile-based campaigns. We extend our online display campaigns consistently in event-driven, profile-based, performance-oriented eDialog.

Everything with one claim: Innovative, performance-oriented, efficient and relevant in creating online display campaigns.

How we do it

The success of our campaigns for our clients is based on three central elements:

Performance-oriented media buying across all channels

We manage over € 400 million for our customers. Unlike other agencies, we buy some of our customers’ volume bundled and thus generate better purchase prices than conventional shopping models. Buying models such as CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per mille) are available for all top sales houses. In addition to traditional sales house offers, Mediascale has internal specialists for GDN (Google Display Network) and social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, as well as programmatic purchasing through various RTA (Real Time Advertising) connections.

Metrics-based campaign structure

The campaigns have a consistent design, and short-term indicators focused on planning and optimization logic.

Quick secure booking cycles and continuous performance optimizations with clear Dashboard solutions for us and for our customers. A real-time monitoring system that keeps track of all necessary metrics, in all bought media, online and offline, whether it is for branding or performance campaigns.

Integrated campaign approach for Media and Creative

A purely media campaign optimization devalues the performance of any digital campaign. Only campaigns that work both on placement as well as content quality will generate the maximum performance.

To implement this, both technically and operationally, we use dynamic banner structures. A DBT (Dynamic Bannering Tool) can dynamically and automatically adapt the banner based on profile and performance information. But not only the banners will be adapted. We also automatically update the campaign planning based on best performance within the predefined target groups. It is a rules based system that is customized for each clients needs.

In 2007 Mediascale developed N.E.R.O., a proprietary targeting system for profile-based campaigning. This provides the necessary set-up for both classical retargeting campaigns as well as (re)targeting based on socio-demographic profiles, user-specific behavior or brand-specific buyer and user data.

N.E.R.O. gives us the possibility to target over 90% of all surfers based on over 600 different profile characteristics already in the system. This can be implemented for client specific targeting campaigns, or for reach campaigns with net coverage or contact optimization. For consistent data validation and to ensure a maximum of data quality, the collected data is continuously verified with panel data. Mediascale focuses on local reach on premium quality networks and sales houses with proven quality placements. They are purchased through direct and programmatic buying models.

N.E.R.O. follows strict privacy policies and stands for the full protection of the individual privacy. In 2012 we were the first agency to be awarded the ePrivacy seal and the seal for targeting. The targeting system is used in the Benelux, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France.

Digital dialogue marketing aims at efficiency and distribution of the marketing content story throughout the customer journey within all digital channels.

Through advanced solutions for automation and personalization it can be used in virtually any market environment and at every stage in the sales process: from the acquisition of new prospects and customers, to after-sales and repurchase activities.

Our services in detail:

  • Lead Generation: New Leads by long-term effective actions and mechanisms
  • Content Automation: Fast and easy creation of complex dialogue campaigns with content management tools
  • Customer Experience: Focus on emotional values and loyalty from customers about special programs and touch points
  • Data Management: Accounting, storage and maintenance of very large amounts of data in secure environments


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